About Ferozeajmali Dawakhana

For centuries man has been working for the benefit of human health, and while passing through this journey of explore he is and he was blessed from the endless treasure of natural drugs, whatever would be the origin, these drugs served man very warmly and help him to get rid of many diseases which destroy health of humankind even in large numbers. The time passed on and man continued his struggle, while treating well human with single drug and remedies with simple way of use, man showed his abilities and techniques to get the more efficient results from single drug and made compound formulations to have more faster results of cure, to make the drugs acceptable which were not useable otherwise, to preserve the drugs which are available in certain seasons and not found if needed in other seasons, to make these drugs useable which have some poisonous qualities but at the same time have great impact to treat many distracting diseases and illness.

In this way the unani compound drugs formulations of today is introduced. FEROZ AJMALI DAWAKHANA is working for 58 years to bring you the useful unani drugs pure and precise. The founder HAKEEM ZIA-UD-DIN made and marketed the quality unani products himself in start. He reviewed the pharmacopic compound formulations, made improved compound drugs and left no mistakes in their composition & preparations.

As FEROZ AJMALI DAWAKHANA is providing you the best quality unani products, it also raised its manufacturing procedure quality according to modern GMP as well, while keeping the initial manufacturing faults away. Day by day FEROZ AJMALI DAWAKHANA is working hard to provide you the large number of pharmacopic as well as the compound unani products which are practiced in clinic of FEROZ AJMALI DAWAKHANA. When practiced for a long time in the clinic having perfect results in disease to be treated & found beneficial for many patients it is then marketed like Safoof Tabkheer Mufarrah, Bohar K Doodh wali Goliyan, Fauld Hazim, Urostone, Syrup Muhalil Auram and many other drugs, so that other practitioners can have benefit from these drugs like it is used in clinic FEROZ AJMALI DAWAKHANA, It is therefore the number of our unani medicines produced by us are increasing which is proof of hard work and sincerity to our honorable customers and practitioners.

With best Regards,
Hakim Zia Ur Rehman.

CEO Message

To serve the nation, to elevate the dignity of herbal practice and medicine, To cure the humankind from diseases, to promote the better life style, to give the awareness of health and disease Feroz Ajmali Dawakhana is working for 58 years.

Our manufacturing and quality units work independen ...
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Dawakhana History

In 1940s Hakim Zia Ud Din F/O Hakim Feroz Ud Din did passed the exam of unani medicine from Anjuman Himayat Ul Islam Tibyya Collage when it was working in

collaboration with Punjab University Lahore. He then started the manufacturing of unani medicine and marketed it to east and West Pakistan ...
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