CEO Message

To serve the nation, to elevate the dignity of herbal practice and medicine, To cure the humankind of diseases, to promote the better lifestyle, to give the awareness of health and disease Feroze Ajmali Dawakhana is working for 72 years.Our manufacturing and quality units work independently with a common objective of maintaining stringent standards. Documented procedural controls and constant quality assurance vigilance and at all steps and ensures compliance with all standard operating procedure.In this difficult business environment, to be resilient means to be realistic while retaining optimism, as herbal manufacturing become more than an art, skill and way of making a medicine with its complete original formula is not easy any more, for the health of the patient and benefit of the physicians, from the collection of single herb till making the compound drug from it, is a challenge.In this hard time we are producing quality products with best of our efforts. I encourage better-improved products to our customers for their benefit.I appreciate our team for its hard work, ambition, honesty and to work with us efficient to serve the nation warmly.

Hakim Zia Ur Rehman

CEO, Feroze Ajmali Dawakhana.