Our History

In 1933 Hakim Zia Ud Din F/O Hakim Feroz Ud Din passed the exam of Unani medicine from Anjuman Himayat Ul Islam Tibyya Collage when it was working in collaboration with Punjab University Lahore. He then started the manufacturing of Unani medicine and marketed it to east and West Pakistan under the name of Jinnah pharmacy.Hakim Zia Ud Din wished his son to be educated in Tibb at high levels, and the son responded very well, he worked hard to get the education with high esteem, he proved his skills and in his second year of Tibbiya Collage he became the in charge of the dispensary Hakim Ajmal Khan Tibyya Collage. He studied with devotion & determination and returned home after having the education and skills of Tibb of 4 years. Now Hakim Zia Ud Din taught Hakim Feroz Ud Din himself and polished his hidden abilities.


In 1947 Hakim Feroz Ud Din passed out from Ajmal Tibyya Collage Dehli India, and joined his father Hakim Zia Ud Din in Multan, he knew the enlighted scope and bright future of Unani medicine, he decided to provide the Unani medicine at proper Unani pharmacopic levels, pure & precise to serve the nation, this thinking was the milestone of the Feroze Ajmali Dawakhana and then he started marketing of Unani medicine by this name which is continued with improved quality products till now by the grace of ALLAH.In Multan Hakim Zia Ud Din was doing practice at Pul Shawala. Pakistan was founded in 1947 and the clinic was moved to Bohar Gate which is one of the entrance of the old city wall. The Unani medicine practice was at the peak levels at that time, and the Nishter hospital & college was not present, Multan was full of very efficient and educated Unani practitioners.

In the times of epidemics hakims of Multan gather at Masjid Wali Muhammad and did charity clinic at the stairs of the this Masjid without any charges, in the days of the flood hakims did gather near river Chenab with their self made medicines in different time and helped the people over there, Hakim Zia Ud Din and Hakim Feroz Ud Din also join many of such campaigns during that period, even in 1970s there was an epidemic of cholera in Multan, they joined that along with their team, the medicine was given free of cost over there always, then epidemic became over but they still had to continue their clinic over there at the insist of the people for usual practice, after working 58 years in Bohar Gate now clinic is moved to Hassan Perwana road 6 years ago.

In 1974s Hakim Zia Ur Rehman S/O Hakim Feroz Ud Din joined the Feroze Ajmali Dawakhana as MD, he was passed out from Hamdard Tibbi College Karachi and meritorious student of Hakim Muhammad Saeed. Hakim Feroz Ud Din polished his son with the clinical and manufacturing techniques and skills and transferred him the best of his knowledge of Tibb. Being a son of Hakim, Hakim Zia Ur Rehman was already aware of Tibb and its requirements. Before joining Hamdard Tibbi College he had worked in clinic Feroze Ajmali Dawakhana with his father and grandfather. It was due to their company that he proved his self-confidence and skills to increase the grace of the company, he once again reviewed the formula and manufacturing of the products, improved them, increased the areas of marketing. He took steps to make manufacturing of Feroze Ajmali Dawakhana more hygienic, efficient and fast. From then this ambition is continued and right now the company is having best of its efforts to provide the best quality herbal products.

Then in 1985 Hakim Zahoor Hussain Khan joined warmly as a manager, worked hard efficiently with new ideas and wise assistance. He performed his responsibilities and duties at best levels.In 2009 Hakim Sabih Ur Rehman s/o Hakim Zia Ur Rehman joined Feroze Ajmali, he completed his graduation from Hamdard University Karachi. He applied all his lastest study and brief knowledge in the company. The company began to flourish in a new way, taking away even minor mistakes and perfection was the aim in the field of manufacturing herbal products. By the efforts of his and helping hand of Hakim Zia Ur Rehman the company is so well settled in 2018 that it got the license from the Ministry of Drug Regularity Authority Pakistan.He continued his working in the company in such keen interest that in 2019 even the products of Feroze Ajmali got the licenses from the Ministry of Drug Regularity Authority Pakistan. The sections are properly updated and flow of manufacturing procedures are well defined. The equipment is upgraded and labs are furnished and divided in Microbiology section, QC section, Sample room, Phyto lab section. Hygienic maintenance is more keenly applied. Documentation is applied in all procedures of manufacturing and pharmacist take care of all quality control and manufacturing processes. Packing sizes and design are reconsidered and improved. The team is upgraded, well defined and improved in all manners of its working in production.

Now it’s a totally new way of working as herbal medicine manufacturing in the premises of Feroze Ajmali Dawakhana. All aspects of working are in observation and continuously improved. The company is working in a proper direction like never before because with the purity and hygiene of medicine now rest of the corners are covered by the eligible and efficient staff of Feroze Ajmali Dawakhana.Unani medicine has its own brief and complete history, by the changes of the time, the pattern of the herbal medicine manufacturing also has been changed, with the improved skills of the manufacturing level is increased mannerly, to cope with the latest qualities of herbal medicine manufacturing and still the company is upgrading its self, we are thankful to ALLAH to say that Feroze Ajmali Dawakhana is a beneficial and fruitful addition in herbal medicine manufacturing for last century.

For the awareness of body, spiritual health, diseases, diet, body changes, common sense, everyday experience, physical, emotional & psychological issues of common man, literature was published in a large number for clinic, then in 1995 a regular monthly magazine is published named Zia-Ul-Hikmat which is encouraged by the readers very much and continually published from then monthly.A man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings and We are working for the wealth of health for the nation, if you have health you have hope and if you have hope you have everything, we are working for your enlighted hope and prosperous health. its our honor to say that all medicines are purified, beneficial for human health and with complete formulation. The quality is never compromised nor it will be in future INSHALLAH.

Sincere Regards,

Hakim Zia Ur Rehman.